Cape Wind Project Timeline

Below is a timeline of major milestones in the CapeWind project. Use the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard or the arrow buttons in the center of the timeline.

November 15, 2001

Cape Wind files permit application with 17 federal and state agencies, beginning National Environmental Policy Act and Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act reviews

December 9, 2002

Cape Wind Scientific Data Tower erected on Horseshoe Shoal

January 30, 2003

Walter Cronkite airs TV & Radio ad against Cape Wind

June 10, 2003

Cape Wind supporters on Cape Cod and Islands form Clean Power Now

August 28, 2003

Cape Wind donates $100,000 to Cape Cod Community College to help launch a renewable energy curriculum

August 28, 2003

After meeting with Cape Wind President Jim Gordon, Walter Cronkite withdraws his opposition to Cape Wind, he calls opposition to the project 'premature'

November 8, 2004

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issues favorable Draft Environmental Impact Statement, nearly 4,000 pages in length

May 10, 2005

Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board votes to approve Cape Wind transmission cables

June 30, 2005

Cape Wind reconfigures turbine site layout on Horseshoe Shoal after Federal / State boundary changes in Nantucket Sound due to “drying rock” claim

September 28, 2005

Greenpeace ship Artic Sunrise visits Cape Cod to promote Cape Wind

October 6, 2005

The U.S. Department of Interior announces it is taking over lead federal agency review role of offshore wind farms, including Cape Wind, due to new authority it received from Congress in the Energy Policy Act of 2005

April 7, 2006

Alaskans Ted Young and Ted Stevens attach anti-Cape Wind amendment to Coast Guard bill

June 1, 2006

Senator Stevens’ anti-Cape Wind amendment stripped before Coast Guard bill goes to floor

November 7, 2006

Deval Patrick elected Governor of Massachusetts; campaigned in support of Cape Wind

March 30, 2007

Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Ian Bowles Certifies Cape Wind Final Environmental Impact Report

November 17, 2007

US Air Force review concludes Cape Wind will have no impact on PAVE PAWS radar system on Massachusetts Military Reservation on Cape Cod

January 14, 2008

Department of Interior releases favorable Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Cape Wind

January 16, 2009

The U.S. Department of Interior issues favorable Final Environmental Impact Statement -- over 40,000 supportive public comments had been submitted to the agency

May 5, 2009

107 Members of Massachusetts State House sign letter in support of Cape Wind; this bipartisan group includes 28 committee chairs

May 21, 2009

MA Energy Facilities Siting Board votes unanimously to grant to Cape Wind a Certificate of Environmental Impact and Public Interest; State and Local Permitting Process concluded

September 4, 2009

Falmouth Selectmen vote to encourage Cape Wind to set up Operations facility in Falmouth

December 3, 2009

Cape Cod Times headline: Poll: Most Cape Codders Favor Wind Farm

April 29, 2010

Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, announces in Boston his approval of the Cape Wind project; Interior Department issues favorable Record of Decision on the project

May 7, 2010

National Grid announces filing with Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities of a long-term power purchase agreement to buy 50% of Cape Wind's power output

March 31, 2010

Cape Wind announces it will be purchasing its wind turbines from Siemens; Siemens announces opening new offshore wind office in Boston

August 31, 2010

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upholds all Cape Wind State and Local Permits

October 6, 2010

U.S. Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, issues Cape Wind with nation's first commercial offshore wind power lease

November 22, 2010

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approves National Grid's long-term power purchase agreement with Cape Wind

January 7, 2011

Cape Wind receives two final Federal permits, from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, completing the permitting process

March 21, 2011

Hy-Line / Cape Wind Eco-Tour Announcement

April 18, 2011

U.S. Department of Interior Approves Cape Wind Construction & Operations Plan

December 28, 2011

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court unanimously upholds agency approval of Cape Wind's long-term Power Purchase Agreement with National Grid

March 31, 2012

NSTAR files 15-year Power Purchase Agreement for 27½% of Cape Wind's power with Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

June 26, 2012

Settlement Agreement between Cape Wind and Martha’s Vineyard / Dukes County Fishermens Association

July 5, 2012

Cape Wind begins 4-phase Geotechnical and Geophysical investigation of Horseshoe Shoal

August 15, 2012

FAA Issues 4th Determination of No Hazard to Cape Wind

August 25, 2012

Cape Wind Announces it is purchasing Falmouth marina for Operations & Maintenance Headquarters

November 26, 2012

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approves Cape Wind / NSTAR Power Purchase Agreement

March 19, 2013

Cape Wind selects Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ as Lead Arranger for Commercial Debt

June 19, 2013

PensionDanmark announces it will make a $200 Million Mezzanine Debt Investment in Cape Wind

July 1, 2013

Cape Wind announces contract with Falmouth-based Lawrence Lynch for upland construction work

September 3, 2013

Rally in support of Cape Wind held on Hyannis Green, organized by Better Future Project

December 23, 2013

Cape Wind and Siemens sign offshore wind turbine supply agreement

January 22, 2014

Federal Appeals Court Upholds FAA Approval

February 26, 2014

Jim Gordon announces $600 Million commitment from EKF, Danish Export Bank, at the Greenpower USA Offshore Wind Conference in Boston

March 13, 2014

Cape Wind signs cable supply contract with Prysmian Cables & Systems USA and cable installation contract with Caldwell Marine International

March 14, 2014

Federal District Court Judge Reggie Walton finds in favor of U.S. Government and Cape Wind on 4 lawsuits challenging project’s permitting approval

March 26, 2014

Cape Wind and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ add Natixis and Rabobank to Lead Senior Debt Financing

May 2, 2014

Federal Judge Richard Stearns dismisses lawsuit that had challenged Cape Wind / NSTAR Power Purchase Agreement