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Testimony heard on wind farm

State Police estimated that 300 people rallied outside the State House in support of the proposed wind farm after the hearing. Many of the supporters were members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 103, according to the union's business manager, Michael Monahan. He told the Joint Committee that the wind farm would create good jobs.

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Ploy roils wind farm debate

Official resigns over bogus story

Even by the vitriolic standards of the fight over the proposed Cape Cod wind farm, it was a little extreme: an attempt to plant a fake newspaper story that would discredit the company attempting to build in Nantucket Sound.

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False report called attempt at 'smear'

Wind Farm developers say bogus press release was a 'dirty trick.'

A Boston-based news service removed a press release from its Web site yesterday after learning the release contained false, and apparently planted, information about a Hyannis business and the company seeking to build the Nantucket Sound wind farm.

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The evolution of one wind farm opponent

The Cape Codder, January 23, 2004

Jim Gordon always is working the room when he's on the Cape.

The man who wants to build a giant wind farm in Nantucket Sound may spend lots of money lobbying in Washington. But still, he seeks - maybe needs - the approval of Cape Codders.
If Gordon believes an opponent is wielding an untruth to defeat his plans, a look of childlike incredulity and hurt crosses his face.

Denmark's windmills flourish as Cape Cod power project stalls

Looking out to sea from this city's picturesque harbor, a wall of 200-foot windmills dominates the horizon with rotors silently spinning in the glinting sunshine as sailboats and fishing trawlers glide past.

For most Danes, these towering turbines are anything but an eyesore, and anything but a threat to the environment. In fact, they are featured on postcards and proclaimed attractions by tour guides on ferry boats.

Cronkite withdraws ad against turbines

Walter Cronkite, who has for months publicly opposed the Cape Wind project being proposed for Nantucket Sound, yesterday announced he has reconsidered - and his commercials on the subject will be withdrawn from the airwaves. Mr. Cronkite said he now prefers to be a more objective observer of both the process and project.

Opposition to this project, he said, "may be premature."

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Shielding donors

Wind farm opponents decline to say who's paying their bills

Over the 14 months of its existence, the Alliance - portrayed by its representatives as a grass-roots movement representing the interests of rank-and-file Cape Codders - has raised as much as $2 million in contributions, said Ernie Corrigan, a public relations consultant hired by the Alliance.

But whether that financial support is broad-based or comes from a sliver of the Cape's population is unclear.

The New York Times Magazine: A Mighty Wind

The buzz on Cape Cod is grim as summer approaches. There is little talk about beach permits or Kennedy sightings and much talk about dead birds littering beaches, jellyfish clogging waterways and tourism collapsing. Even Walter Cronkite, America's éminence grise, has issued a dire warning from his second home on Martha's Vineyard. ''I'm very concerned about a private developer's plan to build an industrial energy complex across 24 square miles of publicly owned land,'' Cronkite intoned in a radio and television ad recently broadcast across the Cape.

Wind farm data tower under construction

YARMOUTHPORT - Court challenges having been defeated, the construction of a wind farm data tower 11 miles south of Cape Cod in Nantucket Sound is about to begin. The $2 million, 197-foot-tall tower will be assembled on a large barge that arrived at the site early Monday morning. The tower will be positioned on Horseshoe Shoal, where Cape Wind Associates hopes to build a 170-turbine offshore wind farm, the first ever in the nation.