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League supports wind farm

Earlier this month, the League [of Women Voters] announced its support for wind energy both onshore and offshore after the group conducted a two-year study of the issue.

Truro endorses wind farm

The Cape Codder

By unanimous decision, the [Truro] board of selectmen agreed to endorse the wind farm planned for Nantucket Sound as presented by Alternative Energy Committee Chairman Bill Worthington.  Selectman chairman Fred Gaechter suggested that a general endorsement be drafted in two letters, one to the Cape Cod Commission and the other to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Worthington will attend the commission's hearing on Feb. 8.

Read the letter here (pdf).

Supporters attend Army Corps fourth public hearing in Cambridge

Environmental groups regard the project as an important step toward creating large-scale commercial power plants independent of foreign fuel; they also deride opponents -- who say they would support wind energy projects elsewhere -- as embracing a Not In My Backyard philosophy.

"You cannot NIMBY anywhere, any time, and expect to have electricity everywhere, all the time," said Norris McDonald, founder and president of the African American Environmentalist Association, asking opponents to accept their "fair share" of the burden of energy projects.

Wind + energy

Executive has both, as he tries to sell wind farm

Gordon, now president of the company that plans the nation's first offshore wind farm, makes his pitches with almost messianic zeal, certain not only of his conviction but of the virtue of the technology he is touting.

"What I was saying was what I believed in," Gordon recalled of his cable days.

Since then, his passion has become wind energy, and he speaks to anyone who will listen.

A seashore fight to harness the wind

Advocates of wind power cite Denmark as an example, saying it generates 20 percent or more of its energy from wind, and Mr. Davies of Greenpeace says the record there suggests that offshore wind farms can become tourism destinations. "In Denmark, day sailors take off and sail to these things," he said.

He and others at environmental groups said they hoped the Cape Wind proposal would win final approval and would become the first of many offshore wind projects.

Move to halt plan dies

U.S. Sen. John Warner, R-Va., moved Wednesday to add an amendment to the final version of a $447 billion bill that would strip the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from oversight of offshore projects in federal waters.

His amendment was in neither the House nor Senate's version.

Cape Wind gives Cape Cod Community College $50,000

The Cape Wind money is meant to allow the college to develop a renewable energy curriculum, and to help fund related training programs at the Cape's two technical high schools, Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School in Bourne and Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in Harwich. The Massachusetts Maritime Academy is also involved in the training curriculum.

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Cape Wind president keeps eyes on the big picture

“It’s all about helping to ensure a sustainable future for the Cape and Islands,” Gordon said. “As troubling as mercury levels in fish or damage to the ozone layer may be, the greatest threat we face is global warming and climate change.”

And to those who question his ability to succeed, he answers, “This is my home, my backyard. We’re going to do it right.”

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