Cape Wind Articles

Romney offers renewable energy support, critics say it's "lip service"

The Yarmouth Register

Gov. Mitt Romney's appearance at clean energy promotion event Monday set off a chain of criticism, with students, labor, environmentalists and Democrats saying his opposition to a proposed wind farm on Horseshoe Shoals is inconsistent with his stated support for renewable energy.

With roughly a dozen students and representatives from two labor groups outside, Romney told a roomful of environmental-minded regional business leaders that Massachusetts is looking to attract employers who adopt clean energy policies.

MMS Takes over lead federal permitting role

The Minerals Management Service (MMS) of the US Department of Interior recently announced that it is taking over from the Corps of Engineers the lead federal role in overseeing the permit review of the Cape Wind project. This announcement stems from the authority conferred to MMS by Congress in the recently passed Energy Bill to grant easements and to collect rents on the outer continental shelf for offshore commercial wind energy projects.

Cape Wind accepted by New England power grid

Reliability Committee of 270-member ISO New England votes unanimously in favor of accepting electricity from offshore wind farm

Once again, the Cape Wind project has received approval for a critical aspect of its proposal to build the nation's first offshore wind farm in the waters off Cape Cod.

ISO New England, the nonprofit corporation that coordinates the region's supply of electricity, has approved Cape Wind's plan for power generated from its 130 turbines to be integrated into the regional grid.

Greenpeace Visit Shows Support For Wind Farm

The Falmouth Enterprise

East Falmouth resident Robert B. Ryder was among the Upper Cape residents yesterday to take a ride on the inflatable Zodiac raft, Gray Whale, through the choppy waters of Vineyard Sound to tour the Greenpeace vessel, Arctic Sunrise.

The 163-foot icebreaker, Arctic Sunrise, built in 1975 and originally from Norway, anchored in Tarpaulin Cove on Naushon Island for a three-hour stint, the last stop in a visit to Cape Cod this week to promote clean energy initiatives.

Greenpeace takes role in wind debate

Even for Greenpeace, a group known for turning high-seas drama into political statement, the foray into the Nantucket Sound wind farm debate has played like perfect theater.

Take, for instance, the picture-postcard morning of Aug. 17, when a pair of Greenpeace motorboats surrounded a schooner crammed with wind farm opponents, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Beware global warming, says Arctic explorer

Global warming in Greenland may not seem like an issue for Cape Codders, but polar explorer Lonnie Dupre says Cape Codders will notice if the ice sheet melts and the ocean rises.

"That means no more Florida, no more ...

Warming tales of the Arctic

The Arctic is on thin ice. And explorer Lonnie Dupre has harrowing firsthand stories to prove it.

Dupre, 44, of Grand Marais, Minn., attempted the first summer crossing of the Arctic Ocean in May to highlight the dangers of global warming.

Change is blowing for wind power industry - Technology helps wind compete head to head with fossil fuels

Even with oil prices marching toward $70 a barrel, most alternative energy sources require heavy federal subsidies to allow producers to turn a profit. Wind power, though it still enjoys subsidies, is one of the few that is becoming economically competitive in its own right -- thanks to rising electric power costs in many parts of the world and technological advances in the design and manufacture of wind turbines.

As a result, total wind power generation capacity in the U.S. is expected to grow by about a third this year.