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Doubts are cast on wind petition

Validity of several signatures collected by the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound is challenged.

The petition had 10,000 signatures and was given to state Attorney General Thomas Reilly, an opponent of the project, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the lead regulatory agency.

But the validity of several signatures is in doubt, the latest example of questionable lobbying efforts by wind farm opponents.

Wind farm gets OK for link

Grid connection plan gets tentative approval.

Saying the power generated by the 130 wind turbines is needed in Massachusetts, the staff of the state's Energy Facility Siting Board recommended approval of Cape Wind Associates' plan to connect transmission cables to an NStar substation in Barnstable.

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Cape Wind wins legal battle

BOSTON - A federal appeals court has rejected a challenge to Cape Wind Associate's meteorological data tower operating in Nantucket Sound.

In a decision handed down yesterday, the three-judge U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston discounted arguments brought by several Cape-based organizations and individuals over the construction of the $2 million tower.

Windmills get lift

The severity of last winter's emergency electricity shortage would have been lessened had a proposed offshore collection of soaring wind-driven generators in Nantucket Sound been up and running, a U.S.

Fewer terns seen in Sound

Experts surveying the presence of protected terns in Nantucket Sound where a wind farm is proposed are finding fewer of the birds in the area than some have suggested.

While terns, including the federally endangered roseate tern, were spotted in most of the 16 surveys done last year from May through July, the Massachusetts Audubon Society survey did not find large numbers of the birds in Horseshoe Shoals.

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Wind power: 'Green energy, green Ireland'

Arklow, Ireland - Joe Dunnes's hillside home is a Cape Codder's dream. From his front door, an emerald lawn tumbles down to the Arklow Golf Club and the steel-gray Irish Sea. But what most interests Dunne these days is the construction project in his "front yard."

About eight miles away, the first seven towers of the 200-turbine Arklow Bank Offshore Wind Park are now in place.

Task force resisted block to wind farm

Yesterday, Cape Wind spokesman Mark Rodgers said the task force "did the right thing."

"They recognized a project like Cape Wind is already undergoing a more rigorous permitting review than any of New England's polluting power plants went through."

He said the report also reflects the task force's realization of the importance of renewable energy projects to the protection of coastal areas by reducing fossil fuel emissions.

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Boston Globe reveals truth about Cape Cod Times poll

Today's Boston Globe article reveals that 20% of the 588 respondents in the Cape Cod Times poll refused to answer the question about Cape Wind, refusing to be classified as either opposed or in favor at this point in time.  This important fact dramatically changes the results of their poll but was never disclosed by the Cape Cod Times.