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Cape Wind: Heat lifts turbine productivity

By Patrick Cassidy

HYANNIS — Hot air rises.

The company planning a 130-turbine wind power facility in Nantucket Sound says the project will produce a relatively high level of energy on the region's hottest days.

Hot air rising over land that produces strong sea breezes offshore is one reason for the higher production levels, according to a report released Monday by the project's developer, Cape Wind Associates of Boston.

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Wind farm productive on hottest days, firm says

Critics of a proposed wind farm in Nantucket Sound have long complained that the wind won't blow on the days New England needs power the most, such as yesterday, when electricity use recorded its eighth-highest peak on record.

But project developer Cape Wind Associates released a report yesterday suggesting that offshore winds continued even as city dwellers sweltered on the region's top 10 power-usage days.

"Our study shows that Cape Wind will be producing significant power at the very times that the electric grid is under greatest stress and needs the power the most," said M

Wind farm won't interfere with radar

...Rick Lehner, a spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency, said the report clearly shows the Cape Wind project would have no affect on the Cape Cod-based PAVE PAWS operation.

"It's far enough away, so there is no issue with the radar beam," Lehner said.

The report is an analysis only, and the Defense Department is not a permitting agency for Cape Wind.

Needed: Energy And Jobs Investment

Jerome Ringo is president of the Apollo Alliance . This is an extract of his testimony May 22 before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming:

As you know, energy independence and global warming have become top-tier issues, uniting Americans across the country. The public is clamoring for action, with environmentalists, working Americans, inner-city communities, technology innovators, investors, security moms, family farmers, and more demanding change now.

New Commander Says Pave PAWS Won't Be Impacted By Wind Farm

Extract of May 11, 2007 Falmouth Enterprise article:

...While critics maintain the proposed Nantucket Sound installation's massive wind turbines will interfere with Pave PAWS' operations, Lt. Col. Gentry said firmly that is not the case.

"There will be no impact from Cape Wind," he said, referring to data presented in a 2004 report issued by the US Department of Defense.  Those data were re-examined and the original finding was reaffirmed earlier this year.  "Air Force Space Command said there is no issue."

Cape Wind backers enter 'final lap'

NEWTON — With a critical federal review of the Cape Wind project just months away, supporters of the plan to build 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound are growing increasingly confident that the long-delayed project will finally win approval.

"I think this is the final lap," said Barbara Hill, executive director of Clean Power Now, a nonprofit group that supports the project.

Plan for Wind Farm Off Massachusetts Clears State Hurdle

Published: March 31, 2007
New York Times

BOSTON, March 30 — A proposal to build the country’s first offshore wind farm in the waters off Cape Cod won state environmental approval on Friday, bringing the project a major step closer to being built.

The project, known as Cape Wind, would involve 130 wind turbines in a 25-square-mil