Cape Wind power deal aired in Bridgewater

...Bridgewater residents and business owners who spoke to a Times reporter before yesterday's hearing said the premium cost of Cape Wind electricity would be acceptable if it led to more stable prices in the long term and less dependency on oil.

"That would be worth it, as long as the fee is minimal," said Frank Doyle, as he waited for an order at Cape Cod Cafe on Winter Street.  Doyle, who is a National Grid customer and said he did not feel strongly one way or the other about climate change, argued that the stable rates Cape Wind could provide over the long term make the project desirable.

"It's supposed to be good for the environment," said Scott Bena, owner of Yankee Clipper Barber Shop on Broad Street.  Bena said he pays about $50 a month to keep the lights on in his small shop and about $200 for his home, and he wouldn't mind paying a few dollars more a month for energy from Cape Wind.

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