Coakley: Cape Wind merits approval

Attorney General Martha Coakley appreciates the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's love for Nantucket Sound. But, as for his vision of its future, that's not a view she shares.

Despite Kennedy's opposition, Coakley, who is running for the Senate seat formerly held by Kennedy, counts herself as a strong supporter of the Nantucket Sound wind farm, proposed to stand about six miles off the coast from Kennedy's Hyannisport home.  "I don't blame him for (opposing the project)," Coakley said yesterday in an editorial board meeting with the Cape Cod Times. "This was a place he lived, a place he loved. But I know that the argument, for many people, is an aesthetic one."

The wind farm would include 130 turbines in the middle of the Sound. Coakley approves of the project's size, scale and location and said it would be a big step toward the renewable energy goals of both the state and the country.  "We are running out of time to look at what we need to do for alternative energies," she said. "Unless we push forward with projects like Cape Wind ... we're not ever going to break through on this."

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