Cape Wind responds to MA Historic Preservation decision

...Cape Wind spokesman Mark Rodgers said Friday morning he is more interested in other developments this week.

“Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar called on his Departments, which include the National Park Service, to work expeditiously to complete work on Cape Wind so he can make a decision by the end of the year,” Rodgers said.  He also said the National Park Service has gone on record, “indicating that any effects of Cape Wind on historic properties are indirect and not direct.

“We’re convinced that the National Park Service will agree with the Minerals Management Service that Nantucket Sound is not eligible for consideration as a Traditional Cultural Property, a point also made by the Governor’s office, by Massachusetts state legislative leaders, the Conservation Law Foundation and many others,” Rodgers said in an e-mail.  Rodgers also contended a TCP designation for Nantucket Sound, “would create a nightmare of red tape for a multitude of commercial activities in Nantucket Sound and along the shorefront and would threaten the potential for other offshore clean energy projects up and down the coasts where other tribes could make similar claims.”

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