Democrats vying for Ted Kennedy seat favor Cape project

Opponents of Cape Wind lost a powerful ally with the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

The four Democratic candidates vying for Kennedy’s Senate seat have lined up in favor of the project despite the late senator’s passionate opposition to the 130 turbines that he said would wreak havoc on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound and hurt tourism. Only Republican candidate Scott Brown shares the late-Liberal Lion’s opposition for the project.

...State Attorney General Martha Coakley said she favors Cape Wind because it will bring much needed alternative energy to the region.  “I know Senator Kennedy felt strongly about Cape Wind, and I appreciate that many folks oppose it because of the wind turbine’s visibility on Cape Cod,” she said. “But with the impact of global warming and our need for new energy sources, we need to move forward on this. It’s the only site in Massachusetts that would provide the size and scope that’s needed for such a project.”

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