Cape Wind is Moving Ahead

It has been 2,755 days since the Cape Wind project was first formally proposed. It is a controversy older than the war in Iraq. Hostilities began only a few weeks after the war in Afghanistan.

And, as in those other conflicts, indeed in any protracted battle, it’s crucial to maintain morale of the troops, particularly when your allies are dropping off and it looks as if you’re losing. Surveys show public opinion in the state is strongly in favor of the wind farm, and the Patrick administration in Boston, too.

Thus Audra Parker, executive director of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, the main community group opposing the Cape Wind development, has been running a new argument lately.  It’s not just about Cape Wind anymore, she argues, although that is still the group’s major focus. It is about the precedent which would be set if Cape Wind gets the go-ahead.Click here to read this Vineyard Gazette article