Forbes article on Bill Koch's campaign against Cape Wind

...Koch, 66, has jumped into a five-year fight to stop a quixotic plan for a wind farm in Nantucket Sound, pushed by New England energy developer Jim Gordon.  Koch has pumped in $1.5 million to an anti-windmill group of which he is now chairman, commissioned several economic studies undermining the idea and assigned his lobbyists to torpedo the plan in Washington.

Koch’s stout opposition, of course, is almost a cliché: rich guy, who doesn’t want his views ruined, takes a not-in-my-backyard position against a 130-turbine wind farm whose upper tips would rise 400 feet above the sea. But there’s some irony here. Koch, through his Oxbow Group ($1.5 billion sales), had once made a mint off eco-friendly power plants by using laws that required power companies to buy Koch’s power for above-market rates. He sold them for $660 million in 2000. Moreover, he once thought Gordon’s idea was pretty good...

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