MASSPIRG: Cape Wind is needed to combat global warming

From today's MASSPIRG Press Release: Just weeks after the strongest global warming legislation in history was introduced in Congress, a new report released today by the MASSPIRG Education Fund in conjunction with state PIRGs across the country shows how the U.S. can meet – and even exceed – the legislation’s goals. The report finds that the U.S. can reduce its global warming emissions by nearly 20 percent within the next 15 years by boosting energy efficiency and renewable energy.

“Taking these steps would be a sizable down payment on the larger pollution reductions that the U.S. will need to achieve in the decades ahead to keep global warming in check,” said Gorke. “And as this report makes clear, to hit these goals, we have to build Cape Wind, join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), and move on to next steps quite quickly.”Click here to read more on MASSPIRG's website